The Breeding Barn


Excellence in stallion management - Unique - Focused - Efficient

We market and promote top stallions as well as provide a wide variety of breeding services. Collecting & Shipping Cooled and Frozen Equine Semen throughout the US, Canada, Europe & Australia

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We embrace the unique qualities of each client and stallion. Working outside the box to bring the best success to each program.


Focused on the end product. We strive to bring together the recipie for success from stallion collection to producing your foal


Effecient communication with mare owners is a key to success in The Breeding Barn. We strive to provide easy and efficient ways to get the job done.

We provide personalized service directly to the mare owner in helping them choose a stallion to breed to, in the shipping of semen for their mare and to assist in the marketing of their baby's by these fine stallions.

┬ĚKim Dean