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AQHA 15 Hand Bay Stallion

Potential Investment x Miss Surely Bars

 Genetics: MH N/N:  PSMM N/N;  HYPP N/N;  GBED N/N;  HERDA N/N;  MYHM N/N;  OWLS N/N

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Total QData Performance Earnings: $2,612,356
Average Earnings Per Money-Earner: $7,236

Total AQHA Points Earned: 56,232
Number of AQHA Point-Earners: 365
Average AQHA Points Earned per Point-Earner: 154
Total AQHA Superior Awards Earned: 176
Total AQHA ROM Awards Earned: 790
AQHA Champion Awards Earned: 46
AQHA World Champions: 7
AQHA Reserve World Champions: 6
AQHA World Championships: 22
AQHA Reserve World Championships: 12


Western Pleasure: $2,242,936.60
AQHA Incentive Fund: $255,652.97
Other: $45,351.51
Hunter Under Saddle: $40,029.91
Halter: $24,559.11
Ranch: $1,880.90
Barrel: $840.00

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2024 Breeding Fee:

includes  2 doses of frozen semen

2024 Breeding Fee via ICSI:


Additional Foals from ICSI Aspiration/Frozen Embyro’s
$1250 each 

Owned by University of Florida
Frozen Semen Owner: Kim Dean

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Potential Investment
Hot Little Treasure

Certain Potential

Sure Intimidation
Miss Surely Bars
Miss Monique Bars
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